Amabel-Sauble Community School (After 5PM on school days)

Ball Diamonds (Dan Davidson, Bluewater Park, Bannister Park, Oliphant)

Bluewater Park Field

Pavilions (Bluewater Park, Train Station, Berford Lake)

Ross Whicher Centre

Sauble Beach Community Centre

Wiarton Arena and Community Centre

Wiarton Pool 

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Alcohol at Town Facilities


For questions or to send in applicable forms contact Karen by fax 519-534-4976, email or phone. Please call to confirm the availability of the facility you are interested in. We will assume you are requesting to find out the availability of a facility by sending in a form without calling. 519-534-1400 x132


Several of the Town's facilities allow the service of Alcohol with the appropriate permits. The Town has an Alcohol Risk Management Policy which is to be read and signed where alcohol is to be served in a facility. The following permits are to be obtained along with a rental agreement with the Town:

Further the bartender who is serving alcohol must be smart serve certified and be approved by our Facilities co-ordinator, and the event holder needs to have liability insurance which can be purchased through your insurance provider. For assistance in finding a smart serve certified person please contact Don 519-374-9490

Amabel-Sauble Community School

The Amabel Sauble Community School is available for rentals all day on weekends and school days after 5pm. This is a peanut free and alcohol free facility. For rental details see the rental agreement.

Ball Diamonds

If you are interested in renting one of the ball diamonds please fill in the rental agreement. The following Ball Diamonds are available for rent: 

 Bluewater Park BD Dan Davidson BD 

Bluewater Park Ball Diamond - Wiarton                     
Dan Davidson Ball Diamond - Wiarton           
Bannister Park Ball Diamond - Sauble Beach


BWP field



The Town's Pavilions are a great place to host your next family or highschool reunion, picnic, community or neighbourhood event. The Town has several for rent

Bluewater Pavilion  Pavilion Train 

Bluewater Park Pavilions                                          Train Station Pavilion - in Bluewater Park                            



Handy to Bluewater Park, and Wiarton Willie's home, the Ross Whicher Centre meeting room is a great place for your next meeting, birthday party, or small gathering. Take a look at the rental agreement for facility availability please call, or fill in the forms to request availability.

Sauble Beach Community Centre

The Sauble Beach Community Centre is available for a variety of functions from fitness classes to weddings.  

   SBCC Auditorium Wedding

   Sauble Beach Community Centre Auditorium


Any event that intends to have non-original music in a Town owned facility must pay a SOCAN fee. This fee is required to cover licencing fees for the Canadian Copyright collective that administers and collects fees and distributes royalties.

Wiarton Arena and Community Centre

The Wiarton Arena and Community Centre is available for a variety of functions. The community centre is often used for weddings, and community functions. The Arena floor can be rented for community functions, or sporting activities after the ice has been taken out, and the ice floor can be rented throughout the winter. The Rental Agreement form for the Community Centre is different than that for the Arena.

 Wiarton CC

 Wiarton Community Centre

Wiarton Pool

The Town has an outdoor pool located at Bluewater Park which is available for rentals. 

Group, private and semi-private swimming lessons are held in July and August.  Advanced Courses are also available that will lead to becoming a lifeguard and swimming instructor.  Public swimming is also available daily during the summer months.  Specific dates and times are available in the Recreation Guide.