1.    There is a streetlight not working, how do I report it so it may be repaired? 

Call Town Hall (519-534-1400) or email Public Works and provide your name, the location of the light (Including street address and/or nearest intersection) and the issue with the light.


2.    How often are the Town's gravel roads graded?

Please review the status updates of the Town's road grading as part of the Public Works Department's Road Maintenance Program.


3.    My mailbox was damaged during a snow event; who do I contact?

Please review information about the Town's Winter Maintenance Program for more information.


4.    My road was paved and now it is gravel - What is going on? or What is Tar and Chip? 

See the Fact Sheet on Tar and Chip for more information.


5.    What projects is the Town working on?   

Visit our Special Project links.


If you have a question regarding Public Works initiatives, please contact the Public Works Department at 519-534-1400.