Be Prepared Flashlight


Are You Prepared for an Emergency? 

Emergency Management Ontario suggests that every family assembles a 72 Hour Survival Kit.  Your 72 Hour Survival Kit should include items which would sustain your family in an emergency.  Items such as flashlights, batteries, blankets, extra clothing, cash, canned food, a manual can opener, candles and matches can make surviving an emergency easier.  Think of the items your family might need in a power outage, flood or any other type of emergency and be prepared!

Accessibility and Emergency Planning

Preparation for an emergency is important to everyone.  Those with disabilities or special needs should ensure that they have plans in place should a large scale emergency arise. 

Our Emergency Plan

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is prepared for an Emergency!  Emergency planning includes looking at our community and assessing hazards and consequences.  An Emergency Plan has been prepared and adopted by Council.  

Emergency Management Ontario

Click on the Emergency Management Ontario logo below to visit their website.  You will find information, videos, brochures and games which will help your family to be prepared!


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For more information, contact the Community Emergency Management Coordinator for the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.  Call 519-534-1400 extension 122.