Garbage Collection

Garbage collection shall be carried out on a weekly basis throughout the Town.  Garbage is to be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 am on the day of collection.  Where garbage is placed in a secure container, the owner may place it for collection the night prior to the scheduled collection day.

Garbage Collection Sections

Section 4 & Section 4B:
Monday Pickup

Section 1 & Section 2:
Tuesday Pickup

Section 3 & Section 5:
Wednesday Pickup

Section 6:
Thursday Pickup

Section 1 (North)
Former municipality of Albemarle, plus North of Bruce Road #13, pick-up of Bruce Rd. #13 (East/West section), pick-up of Bryant St. and Amabel/Albemarle Boundary

Section 2 (Oliphant)
Area from Sauble River North to Amabel/Albemarle Boundary and pick-up of Bruce Rd. #13 (North/South section (Sauble Falls Parkway)

Section 3 (Wiarton)
Area of former municipality of Wiarton including Old Oliphant Rd. Bruce Rd. #13

Section 4 & 4B (Sauble Beach)
Area from South boundary with Saugeen Indian Reserve North to Sauble River Reserve North to Sauble River, including all built up areas or subdivisions at Sauble.

Section 5 (Rural)
Area south of Bruce Rd. #13 from Hwy. #6, easterly to and including all subdivisions off Bruce Rd. #8 (e.g. Clifford Subdivision) plus the former Village of Hepworth, plus the pick-up of Bruce Road #8 from Hepworth to Sauble Beach.

Section 6
Area from Highway #21, north of the South side of Bruce Rd. #18, to include all areas not included in any other section.

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There is an exception if you live on the following roads in the Chesley Lake area:

·       Sunnyview Drive (excluding Chesley Lake Camp);
·       Sunny Crescent;
·       Sunny Lane;
·       Golf Course Road; and
·       Tri Par Lane

Garbage and Recycling Collection in the Chesley Lake Area

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula has a contractor that collects garbage and recycling from the Chesley Lake area.  The contract stipulates that curbside garbage and recycling is to be collected, on Wednesdays, from May 1 to November 30, in each calendar year and in accordance with the Waste Management By-Law.  The current Waste Management By-Law can be obtained from our website.     

In the off-season (December 1 through to April 30), the Town of South Bruce Peninsula places a bin at the end of Camp Road for the residents of Chesley Lake area to place their garbage.  This bin is placed for the residents, not for the campground.  The bin will be removed for the season once curbside garbage collection commences

During the off-season, residents from Chesley Lake area are able to take any and all recycling to the recycling depot located at the Amabel Landfill Site. 


Garbage Collection and Bag Tags

Each improved property will be allowed to place one bag of garbage per week at the roadside for collection. Additional bags will require a bag tag to be attached. A maximum of three bags per week will be allowed to be placed for collection at each improved property. Residents may purchase a set of ten bag tags at a cost of $20.00 (ie. $2.00 each) at one of the following locations:

  • Aiken Brothers Home Hardware - Allenford
  • Cindy's Variety - Hepworth
  • Lakeside Home Hardware - Sauble Beach
  • Renee's Restaurant & Gas Bar - Mar
  • Sauble Beach ValuMart
  • Sauble Information Center
  • Sauble Library
  • Sauble Pharmacy
  • Town Hall - Wiarton
  • Wiarton Daisy Mart
  • Wiarton IGA
  • Wiarton Train Station (Seasonal)

Click Here to View the Waste Management By-law