Grants and Donation Program

December 5, 2012

On November 6, 2012, Mayor Close presented report 7-2012 and Council passed Resolution 747-2012 (attached): 

THAT all municipal grants be allocated by the Finance Department to the appropriate departments and that each department incorporates the grants into the departmental work plan and budget; 

AND FURTHER THAT the by-law to amend the Municipal Policy Manual be placed on an upcoming agenda for Council consideration. 

The effect of this resolution is the removal of the Grant & Donation Program from the Town’s policy manual, and the allocation of the current grants as noted in the report, as follows: 

1 – Council

·         Remembrance Day Wreaths – Wiarton & Hepworth

·         General provision for delegation requests 

2 – General Administration

·         MPP Roving Constituency Office Rental 

51 – Parks

·         Town Gardens

·         Allenford Curling Club

·         Elsinore Community Centre

·         Hepworth Community Centre

·         Purple Valley Community Centre

·         Parkhead Community Centre

·         Allenford Women’s Institute – By-Law 42-1994, in effect until October 1, 2014

·         Zion Women’s Institute – By-Law 42-1994, in effect until October 1, 2014

·         Parkhead Women’s Institute – By-Law 42-1994, in effect until October 1, 2014 

52 - Recreation Programs

·         Hockey & Figure Skating Subsidy

·         Youth Centre and Activities 

61 – Economic Development

·         Special Events

·         Wiarton Willie Festival 

These items will be specifically noted within the respective departments work plans for the upcoming budget. If there are additional items, it is up to the discretion of each department, noting that there must be substantiated reasons for the inclusion in the budget so that it can be defended during budget deliberations. The opposite is also true, that a department has the ability to recommend reductions of budget cuts, to which Council will then discuss. Organizations that are approved for funding will be required to submit receipts and financial reports to substantiate the need for the funds, and before funds are to be released. In some circumstances an agreement or MOU may be required.

Manager of Financial Services,
Town of South Bruce Peninsula
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