Municipal police services boards serve Ontarians by governing police services at the local level. Local police services include:

  • municipal police services:
  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) that are under contract to municipalities; and
  • First Nations' police services.

Police services boards govern within their jurisdictions by:

  • establishing priorities, objectives and policies regarding the provision of police services;
  • hiring police chiefs and deputies, or participating in the selection of OPP detachment commanders; and
  • monitoring performance of both their police service and its leader;

Police service boards are the employer of municipal police services and as such appoint police officers, special constables and police civilian employees, and negotiate collective agreements with police (labour) associations.

The Ontario Association of Police Service Boards (OAPSB) is the leading voice of police governance in Ontario. We serve our members and stakeholders, as well as the general public, by:

  • helping local police service boards fulfill their legislated responsibilities, by providing training and networking opportunities, and facilitating the transfer of knowledge; and
  • advocating for improvements in public safety laws and regulations, practises and funding mechanisms.

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