February 6, 2013

Residents of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula were contacted by Canada Post in 2012 with regard to address changes.

The Town would like to take this opportunity to explain to residents that the change in postal address was an initiative instituted by Canada Post.

Canada Post approached the Town in 2012 and explained that mailing addresses would be changed. Canada Post gave Council the option to maintain the postal identities of Hepworth, Sauble Beach, Wiarton and Mar with the remainder of the Town being called South Bruce Peninsula OR the entire municipality could have the postal address of South Bruce Peninsula.

Council chose to maintain the separate identities of Hepworth, Sauble Beach, Wiarton and Mar with the remaining areas being called South Bruce Peninsula.

Canada Post informed the Town that the Allenford area was not being changed by Canada Post at this time however it is anticipated that Canada Post will approach the Town in the future in this regard. It is the intention of Council to ask that Allenford maintains their postal identity.

Canada Post was provided with zoning maps of the geographic areas and they formulated route and address mapping which would keep the identified communities separated. Canada Post finalized the mapping based on their routes and mail delivery personnel.
In an effort to assist residents who are experiencing difficulties changing their addresses (due to spacing and character length), the Town has provided a short form of “South Bruce Peninsula” to Canada Post. Canada Post has approved the short forms; residents are permitted to use “South Bruce Pen” or SB Peninsula” when the full name is not accepted by institutions.

Please be advised that questions with regard to postal address changes should be directed to Canada Post, Connie Richardson, Delivery Planning 519-457-5274 (please note that this is not a toll free number).

Mayor John Close
Town of South Bruce Peninsula