Public Notices and Tenders


 July 17, 2015

Notice of Public Meeting for Proposed Official Plan Amendment under the Planning Act 1990 

A public meeting will be held on August 13, 2015 at 10:15 am in the Bruce County Council Chambers (Walkerton) to hear public comments with respect to Application BCOPA197-15.54, South Bruce Peninsula to change the designation of the West Road. 

For more information please contact Bruce County planner Jacob VanDorp at 519-534-2092 ext 125. 

 July 17, 2015

Public Notice 

This notice is given pursuant to Town requirements related to the disposal of Town lands.  

The Town proposes to dispose of vacant land known as 12 Hemlock Road.  Council will consider a declaration of the property as surplus to Town needs.  

A public meeting will be held in the Municipal Council Chambers on August 4, 2015 at 2:00 pm to receive comments with respect to the potential surplus declaration. Any person or agency representative may attend the said public meeting and make verbal representation in support or opposition to the potential surplus declaration. 

Written comments will be received by the undersigned until July 31, 2015 at 4:30 pm.  Please note that written comments submitted will be subject to rules of procedure and may be read in whole, in part or may not be read at all at the public meeting. 

Angie Cathrae
Manager of Legislative Services/Clerk
Town of South Bruce Peninsula
PO Box 310, 315 George St
Wiarton ON N0H 2T0
519-534-1400 ext. 122
Toll Free 1-877-534-1400

 May 29, 2014

2013 Financial Statements

In accordance with Section 295 of the Municipal Act 2001, the audited financial statements of the Town for the year ended December 31, 2013 are available from the Town's Manager of Financial Services, upon request, and on the Town's website.

Michael Humble
Manager of Financial Services
Town of South Bruce Peninsula
Phone: 519-534-1400 Ext. 106

 November 12, 2013

Don't Forget to Update Your Mailing Address

Contact the Municipal Office to update your mailing address. New mailing addresses assigned by Canada Post will not be automatically updated in the Town records. A current address is required to send tax and utility notices, correspondence and voting packages for the 2014 election.

Town of South Bruce Peninsula
PO Box 310, 315 George Street
Wiarton ON N0H 2T0
Toll Free 1-877-534-1400 

June 10, 2011

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula today (June 10, 2011) has taken the action of posting the Jewel Bridge on Jewel Bridge Road at a maximum weight restriction of 5 tonnes and no heavy trucks.

The bridge is located in the Sauble Beach area between the D-Line and Spring Creek Road.

This action is required as a result of an engineering inspection undertaken on June 9, 2011. While the bridge is safe for cars and light trucks, drivers are being requested to drive slowly across the bridge. 


Manager of Public Works
Town of South Bruce Peninsula
519-534-1400 x 131




Contract and Tender Information

Contract #


Bid Takers List 

Contact Person

Closing Date


PW 15-14

Surface Treatment 

 Manager of Public WorksJune 15, 2015Results 
PW 15-13

Town of South Bruce Peninsula Quotation PW 15-13 Traffic Signal Maintenance

Addendum #1

 Manager of Public WorksJune 9, 2015Results 
PW 15-12

Playground Equipment at the Park Head Community Centre Park

 Manager of Public WorksJune 5, 2015 Results 
PW 15-11


Single Axle Plow/Sander Truck

 Manager of Public Works June 5, 2015  Results
PW 15-10

Rooftop Heating and Cooling Unit for South Bruce Peninsula Town Hall  

 Manager of Public Works June 1, 2015 Results
PW 15-09

Bannister Park Ball Diamond Washroom Roof Replacement 

 Manager of Public WorksQuotation CancelledResults 
PW 15-08

Asphalt Road Patches 

 Manager of Public WorksMay 20, 2015Results
PW 15-07

Snow Removal Routes

 Manager of Public WorksMay 14, 2015Results
PW 15-06

Maintenance Gravel  

Addendum 1

 Manager of Public WorksMay 4, 2015Results 

Supply and Delivery of Computer Hardware   

 Deputy Manager of Financial ServicesApril 29, 2015Results 
PW 15-04

 Storm Sewer CCTV Inspection and Cleaning

 Manager of Public WorksApril 13, 2015Results 
PW 15-03

 Drainage Repairs for Bluewater Park 

 Manager of Public WorksApril 10, 2015Results
PW 15-02

Street Sweeping

 Manager of Public WorksApril 2, 2015Results 
AIR 02-2015

Request for Proposal (AIR 02-2015)
Contract Airport Management and Maintenance Services
Wiarton Keppel International Airport

Addendum # 1

 Airport Board Secretary/TreasurerMarch 27, 2015Results 
AIR 01-2015

Permanent Withdrawal Removal and Off-site Disposal of Three Underground Fuel Storage Tanks (UST's), Pumps and Equipment  At The Wiarton Keppel International Airport (CYVV)  

Addendum # 1

 Airport Board Secretary/TreasurerMarch 27, 2015 Results
PW 14-35

Dark Sky Compliant LED Streetlight Supply  

Fact Sheet - Variable Wattage Spec Sheet # 1

Fact Sheet - Variable Wattage Spec Sheet # 2

Fact Sheet - Fixed Wattage Spec Sheet 

Addendum 1

 Manager of Public WorksDecember 15, 2014 Results
PW 14-34

 Curbside Garbage Collection 

 Manager of Public WorksNovember 24, 2014Results