2009 Prediction

There was a shadow on the ground
Which means that spring will not come round.
Six more weeks of winter fun.
Hopefully we'll see some sun.

Children laugh as they ride on their sleds
Blankets warm us while we curl up in bed
Fires will roar while the tea kettle steams
Arenas awake as hockey fans scream

Snowflakes fall from the sky up above
Valentine's Day it's the season of love.
Soup, casseroles, chili, homemade bread
Perhaps you prefer a restaurant instead

We have lots of great one's from which you can choose
So get in your car you've got nothing to lose.
Head for the North, South, East, or West
Which ever direction will bring you the best.

Four seasons of fun is what you get here.
With plenty to do throughout the whole year.
There are just two things that you really must do
Visit our Willie and bring a camera too.
- C. Wyonch