Wiarton Success Stories 

Tony Solecki, Caframo

Our employees are passionate about their work and continuously inspired by where they live. Caframo has been in operation for over 60 years and we have received great support from the municipality and local business networks.


Jeff Hammill, Wiarton Marina 

It was a big decision  for my wife Ann and I to move to Wiarton and invest our future in the Marina. As it turns out, we've never looked back.  The community is very supportive of new business and has all the offerings of a big city.  We love the lifestyle and know we have made the right decision to invest in Wiarton. 

Todd Gibbons, Northern Confections

As a candy maker, my dream was to open up my own Candy Store and we felt Wiarton would be the perfect location. We rented our current storefront on Berford Street for two years and then purchased the building from our landlord and moved our family into the back. We work with the municipality, BIA, Chamber of Commerce and revitalization committee to increase commerce to our area. We also work with our local radio and media outlets to increase business and help with making Wiarton more of a destination. 

Josie Myles, Josie's Fashions

After graduating university, I moved back to Wiarton and married. One day I walked into the clothing store on the main street of Wiarton that I had shopped at for years and asked if and when they were ready to retire, to please let me know. I had always admired the building and felt that with some small changes the business had real potential.  I bought the business and five years later bought the building.

Wiarton has been a wonderful place to run a business.  Our main street has lots of walk in traffic as well as loyal customers that drive 30-45 minutes to get to the unique shopping that we offer.