Planning & Development

As leaders of the community, we are tasked with positioning the municipality as a place that people are attracted to and want to spend their time.  Because of this, staff works closely with residents, businesses, developers, neighbourhood groups and other community members to ensure the successful completion of development projects.  The municipality is taking a progressive approach to development, including updating infrastructure to enable future growth.

Commercial, industrial and multi-residential development applicants are requested to submit a pre-consultation form to the municipality prior to the submission of applications for:

  • Official Plan Amendments
  • Zoning By-Law Amendments
  • Draft Plans of Subdivision
  • Draft Plans of Condominium
  • Site Plan Control Agreements

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Pre-Consultation Form 

Staff review proposals to determine what documentation is required to support  planning applications for your development. Meetings will be arranged with proponents if required.  Pre-consultation does not imply or suggest any decision or support on the part of the Town.  The pre-consultation process takes anywhere from a  few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the propsal.  The pre-consultation does not replace any circulation and commenting requirements for other planning applications. 

Development from idea to implementation takes at minimum a few months - remember there is the potential for multiple planning applications, site plan control and any required studies.  Please ensure that you discuss timelines with Town staff.  Please view our Town Hall Planning and Zoning page for more details regarding planning applications.

For more information or to discuss your development, please contact
Danielle Edwards, Economic Development Officer. 519-534-1400 x148

To view the Local Official Plan, Zoning By-Law, Interactive Mapping, Planning Applications and Notices, please visit Bruce County Municipal Land Use Planning.