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So, you're wondering what it might be like to relocate to Wiarton, that's great! We are really excited you are considering joining us in the Basecamp to the Bruce Peninsula.   

Unlike most small towns, Wiarton is uniquely positioned to not only offer a "small town lifestyle" but also exciting business opportunities.


Situated at the base of the iconic Bruce Peninsula, Wiarton businesses are positioned to benefit from increased visitation to the Bruce Peninsula.  Visitor traffic through town exceeds 400,000 people per year and the numbers are growing.  The conditions are ideal for entrepreneurs to convert visitors to customers. As the visitor demographic to Bruce Peninsula grows so do the business opportunities.

Wiarton has worked with industry leading consultants to rebrand Wiarton as "Basecamp to the Bruce Peninsula". This brand enables Wiarton to leverage the success of the Bruce Peninsula and claim ownership of this iconic region. The municipality is actively marketing Wiarton to the world. A comprehensive series of marketing materials have been developed to leverage the Bruce Peninsula brand and make Wiarton part of a visitor's "Must See" itinerary.

A Wiarton brand has been developed to assist town staff and the business community with product development initiatives. The brand toolkit clearly defines Wiarton's brand and provides guidance on how to position your business as an integral part of the Wiarton experience. 

Find our what small town living means in Wiarton. "Relocating to a small town is a prudent investment in your lifestyle." Build a New LIfe

Business Support

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula promotes economic prosperity and wants to see entrepreneurs like you succeed. 

Working with groups like the Chamber of Commerce, BIA, Wiarton Revitalization Committee, as well as individual entrepreneurs, allows the municipality to have a clear understanding of the local business community climate. 

The County of Bruce offers various programs to help small businesses prosper within the County.  From facade design to business operations, the County has a proactive focus on Economic Development.  Wiarton has worked tirelessly to ensure small businesses understand, and are eligible, for County grants. 

Wiarton's business community is very active. Organized business groups provide assistance and networking opportunities. Fellow entrepreneurs will be able to advise you on local business conditions, like seasonal trends, and help you navigate the business conditions that are exclusive to Wiarton. 


How to go about financing your venture is an obvious question.  We have worked with our local banks to understand their funding criteria and sector specialties. We've done the legwork to help you secure financing for your business. Our staff will be able to analyse your business plan and advise on funding source opportunities. 


A huge advantage of being in Wiarton is access to grant money. It's important to make sure your business is properly positioned to qualify for grant money. We will help guide you through the application processes and also advise you of grant opportunities as they become available.  

Business Profiles

View the most recent version of the Economic Development and Investment Profile

 Economic Development and Investment Profile

Find out from other Business Owners what it's like to operate a business in Wiarton. 

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Contact Danielle Edwards, Economic Development Officer to see how you can capitalise on this great opportunity and establish yourself as an anchor business in Wiarton.