Wiarton Streetscape Project

wiarton streetscape design approved concept

On December 6, 2016 Council heard a delegation from Brian Basterfield of Basterfield & Associates.  Mr. Basterfield was the consultant who led the Wiarton Streetscape Concept Design Project in 2016.

Although funding for the entire reconstruction and design of the Wiarton downtown has not been secured, the streetscape design concept has been approved by Council.

Click here to view the Council approved Wiaton Streetscape Design Concept.


Wiarton streetscape concept design project details (2016) 

Imagine the Possibilities!

The Town is very excited to be starting this project this year. This web page is designed to keep you informed on our progress and how you can participate and share your ideas and experiences during the design process.

Wiarton Downtown Revitalization

Great, vibrant and prosperous downtowns are when leadership, management, marketing/promotion, economic development and physical appearance are aligned and all working toward a common vision.  These are the 4 pillars that support the Province's downtown revitalization program. Partners, are working hard to move this forward with the support of local businesses, community leaders and residents. 

Four Pillar Diagram 

Over the past few years great and exciting progress has been made - creating a brand identity for the County "Spruce the Bruce", the creation of marketing and promotion maps and brochures to attract new business and tourism to the area, community tool kits for façade improvements in the downtown and Explore the Bruce campaign are just a few accomplishments.

Why are we doing this project?                                                                                                                 Question mark picture

It's all about timing, community leadership and readiness. This project fits the criteria!  

Wiarton has positioned itself as 'Basecamp to the Bruce Peninsula' and has established distinctive branding around this positioning. In cooperation with the County of Bruce, Wiarton Chamber of Commerce, Wiarton BIA and the Wiarton Revitalization Committee, the Municipality has led a downtown revitalization process which has brought improvement to the overall look and vitality of the downtown; updated facades, improved parks and public areas, downtown programming and targeted marketing campaigns.

A comprehensive branding process, taking idea ques from renowned Destination Developer Roger Brooks, was a key part of this process. Community design toolkits have been developed and correspond with the brand. Many of our downtown businesses have taken a lead in completing façade improvements using the tool kit as a guide and palette.

The Town anticipates undergoing major infrastructure reconstruction of downtown Wiarton. The timing is dependent upon a financial partnership with senior government and at this point we do not have that in place.

The development of a streetscape plan is fundamental to ensuring that Wiarton's distinct brand is carried through into the reconstruction process. This work is part of the "Physical Appearance" piece of the revitalization puzzle above.

Wiarton is a central 'provisioning hub' for the Bruce Peninsula and as such, benefits from significant local and visitor traffic year round. Reconstruction and streetscape development will aim to further develop Wiarton as the 'hub' with easy access to parking, attractive meeting spaces and an environment that encourages spending time downtown.

The Town and its community partners are interested in stretching the boundaries of traditional streetscape planning to achieve extraordinary outcomes for downtown Wiarton and are looking for creative, innovative and 'out of the box' ideas.

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What is the study area and goals?                                                                                               

The focus of the streetscape design will include the public spaces along Berford Street between Frank Street and Division Street and along William Street between Berford Street and Brown Street. The map below outlines this area.