The Parks and Recreation Department cleans up Town beaches in the spring and maintains them through the season. The water quality at the beaches is monitored by the Grey Bruce Health Unit.  In the event that Public Health considers a beach bacteriologically unsafe a sign will be posted.  Click here to check the Health Unit's website for current beach test results.

Before Using a Beach... Check the following to make sure it is safe:

  1. Has there been heavy rain in the last 24 to 48 hours? If so, bacterial levels will be higher and swimming is not recommended.

  2. Is the water cloudy? If you can't see your feet at adult's waist depth, bacterial levels may be higher and swimming is not recommended.

  3. Are the waves and currents safe? Rip currents, undertows and heavy wave action increase risk to swimmers.

  4. Are there any other problems with the beach? Large numbers of waterfowl, dead fish, algae/scum, dangerous debris, Municipal or Health Unit warnings/postings all indicate increased health risk

Sauble Beach is home to the endangered species the Piping Plover.  Special maintenance care is required to protect the Piping Plover during breeding season.  The Town of South Bruce Peninsula has adopted a Policy with regards to the raking and grading of the sand beach at Sauble Beach. 

Water Safety

Looking for information on water safety?  The Public Health Unit has prepared a newsletter to help.