Commissioning Documents

An affidavit is a declaration or statement of facts, confirmed by the oath of the party making the affidavit. It is taken before a person having authority to administer such an oath. Affidavits are used for a number of different purposes. Generally they are used for the purpose of establishing legal rights.

The Commissioner for Taking Affidavits Act issued by the Province empowers Municipal Clerks and other officials to take various types of declarations, to certify documents, and to administer oaths. A Commissioner's stamp is affixed to the document once the oath has been taken and signatures have been witnessed. (Note you must sign in front of the Commissioner)

Please note, proper identification (picture ID) is necessary and the individual(s) requiring the service must be present. There is a fee. (Note: The Town of South Bruce Peninsula does not accept credit cards. Payment may be made using cash, cheque or debit)