What is Lottery Licensing?

Lottery Licensing refers to lottery schemes permitted by a licence under the Criminal Code of Canada and may include bingos, raffles, break open tickets and social gaming events held by charitable or religious organizations.  These organizations must conduct and or manage their events in accordance with licensing policies and terms and conditions of the licenses and fulfill all prescribed reporting requirements.

Lottery Licenses Issued by Municipalities

The Order-In-Council provides municipalities with licensing authority for:

. Raffle lotteries for total prizes up to $50,000 and under;
. Break open tickets for local organizations;
. Media bingo events with prizes up to $5,500;
. Bingo events, including table board bingo, with prize boards of up to $5,500 and;
. Bazaar lotteries which include; wheels of fortune with a maximum bet of $2.00, raffles not exceeding $500, and bingo events up to $500.

The municipality has the right to attach terms and conditions, in addition to those established by the province, provided that they do not conflict with provincial Terms and Conditions or policies.

Application Process

Applications for lottery events to be issued by the municipality should be submitted at least five business days prior to the date of the event and fifteen business days for organizations applying for the first time. 

Determination of Eligibility

The licensing authority will review all relevant documentation to determine eligibility for lottery licences.  This decision will be based on what is considered charitable in law, including the Criminal Code of Canada, previous court decision, Order in Council 2688/93 as amended, and the policies issued by the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming.

The following pre-requisites are mandatory to be considered eligible for a lottery licence:

. Organizations must have been in existence for at least one (1) year before being considered eligible for lottery licences.
. The organization must have a place of business in Ontario; demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes which benefit Ontario residents.

For more information regarding lottery licensing please refer to the AGCO website or click on the following application packages:

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