1.    There is a streetlight not working, how do I report it so it may be repaired? 
Call Town Hall (519-534-1400) and provide your name, the location of the light (including street address and/or nearest intersection) and the issue with the light.
2.    My garbage was not picked up this week, what do I do?
  • Ensure your garbage is at the curb by 7:00am on the day of pickup;
  • If you have a permanent garbage box, ensure there is a flag/marker/sign that clearly indicates there is garbage to pickup;
  • Ensure your garbage box is clear of snow and easily accessible in the winter months;
  • If you have more than one bag, ensure the additional bags have Town-approved bag tags.  Each property is permitted to put out up to three bags each week, two of which must have bag tags;
  • Make sure your garbage bag does not weigh more than 40 pounds;
  • Ensure you do not have recyclable materials mixed with your garbage;
  • If you have met all of these items, and you require more information, inquiries regarding curbside collection may be directed to our contractor, Waste Management at 1-888-730-3344, with the exception of Sunnyview Dr., Sunny Cres., Sunny Ln., Gold Course Rd., and Tri Par Ln., who can contact the Public Works Department

The Waste Management By-Law provides the procedures, regulations, policies, and fines for disposal of waste in the Town.

3.    How often are the Town's gravel roads graded?
The Town has 487 lane kilometers of gravel roads that it maintains.  It generally takes the Town seven (7) business days to grade all of the gravel roads, if weather conditions allow.  The Town regularly monitors the condition of its roads, and will dispatch road maintenance crews if required and weather permitting.
4.    My mailbox/garbage bin was damaged during a snow event; who do I contact?
Please review information about the Town's Winter Maintenance Program for more information.
5.   Are there any weight restrictions/half load postings in effect on Town roads?
The Town posts weight restrictions on roads and allows only "half loads" during spring thaw conditions.  Please review up-to-date information about half loads on the Town's Road and Bridge Maintenance page.
6.    My road was paved and now it is gravel - What is going on? or What is Tar and Chip? 
See the Fact Sheet on Tar and Chip for more information.
7.    What projects is the Town working on? 
Visit our Special Project links.
If you have a question regarding Public Works initiatives, please contact the Public Works Department at 519-534-1400.