Special Note for Planning Public Meeting 

The Planning Act, 1990, as amended provides in Section 34. (12)(a) for public participation.  In order to allow Council to hear all public comments, it is necessary to put in place protocols as they relate to public meetings. 

Due to COVID19, physical attendance at planning public meeting will be limited to three (3) people at a time, social distancing must be practiced at all times both inside and outside the Council Chambers. 

Where more than three (3) people arrive to speak to the application, all will be permitted to speak, subject to rules of procedure, however only three (3) people will be permitted in the Council Chambers at a time. 

It will be necessary for people to speak and subsequently leave the Council Chambers to permit others enter the Council Chambers to participate.

After the meeting, the minutes and tape recording (if available) will be posted on the Town website for viewing.  

We thank you for your cooperation.

Mayor Janice Jackson
Clerk Angie Cathrae


South Bruce Peninsula Official Plan Update

Council is reviewing the Official Plan and will be making updates as required to guide future development in the Town.

You can view the current Official Plan by clicking here.

Progress in 2015

Council held a special meeting to discuss the Official Plan update on February 11, 2015.  View the public notice here.  The public was encouraged to attend the meeting to make comments on the Plan and changes that may be needed to guide development in the Town in the next 20 years.

The Wiarton South area needs a more detailed approach as part of the planning update.  A preliminary stakeholder meeting regarding this ares took place on February 10, 2015 at the Community Centre.  Bruce County Planning had identified the affected stakeholders and invited only those stakeholders to the meeting to discuss how the Official Plan affects their area. 

Staff identified that the cluster of quarries west of Wiarton may warrant some additional attention and facilitated a discussion for stakeholders in that area on November 25, 2015.  Slides from that presentation are available by clicking here.

Progress in 2016

Bruce County Planning has issued a Request for Agency Comments with respect to the proposal Official Plan update.  Click here to view the Request for Agency Comment document.  Comments are to be received by Bruce County Planning by March 3, 2016.

The planning report referred to in the Request for Agency Comment document can be viewed by clicking here.  The purpose of the planning report is to consider changes to the Rural Area policies and to provide information which will assist the Agencies in making comment on the proposal.  Review of the policies for Urban/Settlement Areas will take place later this year.

More Information on the Official Plan Update

South Bruce Peninsula Official Plan Update background information and other relevant information is available for viewing by clicking here.

Contact Bruce County Planning with any questions.


Planning Services

The County of Bruce provides professional planning advice, assistance, and land use planning functions to The Town of South Bruce Peninsula on local development processes including applications.


Development Pre-consultation

Commercial, industrial and multi-residential development applicants are requested to submit a pre-consultation form and any drawings or plan proposals to the Economic Development Officer prior to the submission of any applications for Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-Law Amendments, Draft Plans of Subdivision, Draft Plans of Condominium and Site Plan Control Agreement.  Town staff will review the pre-consultation form and attachments to determine what documentation is required to support other planning applications for your development.  Pre-consultation does not imply or suggest any decision or support on the part of the Town.  Pre-consultation can take a few weeks to a few months depending on the level of complexity of the proposal.  Pre-consultation does not replace any process required for other planning applications.  Pre-consultation typically can include correspondence communication and may include face-to-face meetings with Town staff.

Pre-Consultation Form 


source water protection consultation and screening

The Source Water Protection Plan for the Saugeen, Grey Sauble, Northern Bruce Peninsula Region came into effect on July 1, 2016.  Prior to the issuance of a Building Permit or the processing of any planning application, properties which fall within the Source Protection Zones must consult with the Risk Management Office.

Grey Sauble Conservation Authority provides risk management for the Town of South Bruce Peninsula under the Source Water Protection Plan.

To view the GSCA Risk Management Office website, please click here.

To obtain information the consultation and screening process, please use the documents below or contact the Risk Management Office as the address and phone number below.

Section 59 Screening Protocol

Drinking Water Source Protection Screening Form

Grey Sauble Conservation Authority Risk Management Office
237897 Inglis Falls Rd, RR 4
Owen Sound ON N4K 5N6
Toll Free 1-877-470-3001 


Planning Applications

Town Official Plan and Zoning By-Law

To view the Town Official Plan and Zoning By-Law, please visit the Bruce County website by clicking here.

Applying for a Minor Variance, Zoning By-Law Amendment, Consent or Official Plan Amendment

If you need to apply for a Minor Variance, Zoning By-Law Amendment, Official Plan Amendment, Consent (severance), Plan of Subdivision or Condominium, please contact Bruce County Planning-Wiarton (contact information below). 

Bruce County Planning-Wiarton
Box 129 - 268 Berford Street
Wiarton, Ontario N0H 2T0

Viewing Planning Applications, Planning Public Meeting Notices and Documents

Planning applications, public meeting notices and other documents with respect to planning applications can be viewed on the Bruce County Planning website. Click here to view planning applications. 

Site Plan Control

Site Plan Control applications are processed by Town staff.  Applications will not be accepted until the property is zoned and has the proper Official Plan designation for the proposed use.  The Site Plan Control process includes the submission of an application which includes the applicable fee and associated plans, studies and drawings.  Staff will review and make comment to the applicant.  The process finishes with an agreement which is adopted by Council by by-law.  The process takes a few months depending on the complexity of the proposal and following Council's procedures.   Please contact the Community Services Department (519-534-1400 ext 145) for more information. 

Deeming By-Laws 

Deeming a property is the act of  passing a by-law to "deem" property not to be part of a registered plan of subdivision.  This is done so that properties can combine on title.  The Community Services Department accepts and processes applications for deeming.   Please contact us regarding the fee for processing a Deeming By-Law.  The deeming application form can be obtained by clicking here.

Removal of Holding Symbols

A holding symbol is a designation which is placed on a property in the Zoning By-Law to "hold" the property from being developed until a certain condition can be met.  The Community Services Department accepts and processes applications for the removal of holding symbols.  Please contact us regarding the fee for processing the removal of a Holding Symbol.  Council holds a public meeting and must pass a by-law before the holding symbol can be removed.  The holding symbol removal application form can be obtained by clicking here.

Limited Service Agreements (Site Plan Control)

When a person wants to develop a property which does not front on a street which is open and maintained by the Town on a year round basis, the property owner must first obtain a minor variance to give relief from the Zoning By-Law requirement to develop on a street which is open and maintained by the Town on a year round basis.  Once a minor variance is granted by the Committee of Adjustment, the owner can apply to the Town to enter into a Limited Service Agreement.  This is a type of Site Plan Control Agreement which is registered on the title of the property.  The agreement in essence says that the owner will make no demand for service of the Town.  The Minor Variance process can be applied for by contact Bruce County Planning (contact information is at the top of this page).  The Community Services Department accepts and processes applications for Limited Service Agreements (Site Plan Control).  Please contact us regarding the fee for a Limited Service Agreement (Site Plan Control).  The Limited Service Agreement (Site Plan Control) application form can be obtained by clicking here.


Encroachment agreements

An encroachment on Town property exists when a building, structure, vegetation, man-made object or item of personal property occupies or partially occupies Town owned lands.  There is no legal obligation for the Town to enter into an Encroachment Agreement for any encroachment however, the Town has an application and agreement process for individuals who wish to obtain permission for the encroachment.

Council adopted a by-law to delegate the authority for entering into Encroachment Agreements to staff. 

An application form can be obtained by clicking here.