Property Standards - house

Issues in regards to over grown grass / weeds / vegetation & excessive accumulation of garbage / refuse / miscellaneous debris & placement of derelict motor vehicles on a property are all items covered in the Property Standards by-law.

The Property Standards by-law prescribes the minimum standard for property conditions, maintenance and occupancy to which every property in South Bruce Peninsula must adhere to and includes:

  • General Standards for all Property and Uses
  • Additional Requirements for Residential Occupancy
  • Non-Residential Property Standards
  • Vacant-Damaged-Demolition

You may find the Property Standards By-law along with other frequently requested by-laws by clicking here.

Members of the public can make a complaint about a Property Standards violation by sending a written or typewritten letter to the Town Property Standards Officer.  The letter must be signed by the person making the complaint.

Property Standards Officer
Town of South Bruce Peninsula
PO Box 310, 315 George Street
Wiarton ON N0H 2T0

The Property Standards Officer will investigate the complaint received.  Without a signed letter, the Town will not investigate the possible violation.

If the Property Standards Officer finds that there has been a violation of the Property Standards By-Law, the Property Standards Officer may:

a) Request informally that the appropriate actions be taken to remedy the issue

b) Issue an "Order to Comply" which will list the violations and provide a deadline to complete the work

An "Order to Comply" may be appealed to the Property Standards Committee within 14 days of the Order being issued.  The Property Standards Committee can:

a) Uphold the Order

b) Rescind the Order

c) Modify the Order

d) Extend the Timeline in the Order

For information on the fees associated with Property Standards Orders, Committee appeals, attendance in Court and remedial actions, please contact the Property Standards Officer.

Property Standards Officer
Town of South Bruce Peninsula
PO Box 310, 315 George Street
Wiarton ON N0H 2T0
519-534-1400 ext 143
Toll Free 1-877-534-1400 ext 143