Road and Bridge Maintenance

The Town maintains approximately 848 lane kilometres of roadways within its boundaries; about 430 lane km of the roads have a hard surface such as asphalt or tar and chip, and there are approximately 748 lane km maintained in the winter.  

Within the Town's boundaries there are also roadways maintained by other levels of government.  Bruce County Highways maintain Bruce Road 8, Bruce Road 9, Bruce Road 10, Bruce Road 13, Bruce Road 14, and Bruce Road 26.  For more information on these roadways, visit the Bruce County Highways website.  The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is responsible for the maintenance of provincial Highway 6 and Highway 21.  For more information on these roadways, visit the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website.

During spring thaw conditions, municipal roads within the Town have weight restrictions and roads are posted for "half loads" only.  The Town reserves the right to place half load restrictions on any road at any time throughout the winter and spring months.  The Town asks residents and visitors to observe and obey the half-load signs when posted.  Town staff monitor each road during spring thaw conditions and remove the half load restrictions as soon as the road is stable and can accommodate the additional weight.  

As of April 26, 2019, all weight restrictions/load postings of 5 tonne per axle are lifted.  The roads are now stable and can accommodate the additional weight..  

Please see the 2019 Spring Roads Conditions Notice regarding maintenance of gravel roads during the spring thaw.

2013 Road Needs Study - The latest Road Needs Study for South Bruce Peninsula was compiled in 2013 and presented to Council in 2014.  The report provides an inventory and condition appraisal of the Town's road network, prioritizing the replacement needs of the roads

2005 Road Needs Study

Bridge Posting Notice: Effective June 10, 2011, Jewel Bridge is posted for a reduced load limit of 5 tonnes - No Trucks.

The Town has completed the reconstruction of the Allenford Road Bridge; the bridge and road are reopened effective immediately.  The Allenford Road Bridge is located between Bruce Road 8 and Spring Creek Road, as indicated on the map of the area.  The previous load restriction of 2 tonnes has been removed from the bridge; there is no longer a load restriction on that bridge.  However, there is a 15 tonnes gross vehicle weight load restriction on the Millards Bridge, also on Allenford Road between Bruce Road 8 and Spring Creek Road, approximately 300 metres north of Bruce Road 8.

Certain bridges within the Town of South Bruce Peninsula have weight restrictions.  By-Law 78-2011 lists these bridges and their weight limits. 

2018 Bridge and Culvert Inspections - The latest Bridge and Culvert Inspections were completed in late 2018 and presented to Council in early 2019.  The purpose of the inspection is to assess structure conditions and identify any additional studies, repairs or replacements that are required

2016-17 Bridge and Culvert Inspections - These Bridge and Culvert Inspections were completed in late 2016/early 2017.  

2013-14 Bridge and Culvert Inspections - These Bridge and Culvert Inspections were completed in late 2013 with the final report provided in early 2015.  

Asset Management Plan - The Town's Asset Management Plan was originally compiled in 2014 and was updated in 2016.  It serves as a strategic, tactical, and financial document, ensuring the management of the municipal infrastructure follows sound asset management practices and principles, while optimizing available resources and establishing desired levels of service.