Recycling is completed under contract by the Bruce Area Solid Waste Recycling (BASWRA). BASWRA is a not-for-profit organization.  For more recycling information visit the Bruce Area Recycling website or call 1-800-794-9770.

Recycling Depots

Recycling depots are available at the following locations

  • Full Depot - Sauble Beach Landfill Site, 1249 Sauble Falls Parkway, during regular business hours.
  • Cardboard - Hepworth at 50 Queen St E next to the Ball Diamond 
  • Cardboard - Wiarton in the Louisa St parking lot

Pickup Schedule 

Bi-weekly blue box pickup is provided to the entire municipality.

For the 2020 Collection Schedule, please click here.

For the Map of the Collection Areas, click here.


There is an exception if you live on the following roads in the Chesley Lake area:
  . Sunnyview Drive (excluding Chesley Lake Camp);
  . Sunny Crescent;
  . Sunny Lane;
  . Golf Course Road; and
  . Tri Par Lane

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula has a contractor that collects garbage and recycling from the roads listed above in the Chesley Lake area. The contract stipulates that curbside garbage and recycling is to be collected on Wednesdays, from May 1 to November 30 in each calendar year and in accordance with the Waste Management By-Law. The current Waste Management By-Law can be obtained from our website.

In the off-season (December 1 through to April 30), the Town of South Bruce Peninsula places a bin at the end of Camp Road for the residents of Chesley Lake area to place their garbage. This bin is placed for the residents, not for the campground. The bin will be removed for the season once curbside garbage collection commences

During the off-season, residents from this area in Chesley Lake are able to take all recycling to the recycling depot located at the Amabel Landfill Site.

Garbage and Recycling Schedule Change for Residents East of Jewel Bridge

For residents on Jewel Bridge Rd east of Jewel Bridge and residents on Dorena Cres, please be advised that your recycling and garbage collection day has changed from Section 4 (Monday) to Section 5 (Wednesday), effective September 1, 2011. Please follow the collection schedule for Section 5.

For residents on Jewel Bridge Rd west of Jewel Bridge, your collection days are not affected and you are still in Section 4.

Recyclable Materials

In order to minimize costs and recycle as much as possible, recycling pickup is not the same in all municipalities.  Please take a look at what you can place in your curbside recycling for pickup, and keep handy for future reference. 

Battery Recycling

The Town accepts batteries to recycle, ensuring that this hazardous material is not placed in the landfill. The Town collects select batteries at the landfill, Town Hall and the Sauble Beach Community Centre.  The approved batteries include single-use batteries (AAAs, AAs, Cs, Ds, and 9-volts), lithium batteries, button cell batteries, and corroded or leaking batteries (which must be placed in a plastic bag before placing in the collection container). 

Electronic Waste Recycling

The Town operates a waste electrical and electronics equipment collection program at the Amabel Landfill Site through the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) Program.  The following is a list of electronics that are accepted free of charge:

  • Display Devices - eg TV's, computer monitors, CCTV, All in One computers
  • Desktop Computers - eg Computer terminals, desktops, computers, microcomputers, thin clients
  • Portable Computers - eg laptops, notepads, notebooks, tablet pc's (excludes PDA's and other handheld devices)
  • Computer Peripherals - eg mouse, disk drives, cables, keyboards, modems
  • Printing, Copying and Multifunction devices - eg printers, photocopiers,
  • Telephones and Answering Machines - (excludes commercial payphones, accessories, networked and vehicle equipment)
  • Cellular Devices and Pagers - (excludes non-cell enabled PDA's, satellite phones)
  • Image, Audio and Video Devices - eg DVD players, vehicle speakers & radios, digital picture frames, VCR's

For further information on devices which can be dropped off see Recycle Our Electronics

Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Recycling

As of May 11, 2017, the Town can no longer accept polystyrene (Strofoam) for recycling.  The company that was recycling the material is no longer in operation.  The landfill site will continue to accept the material, but there will be a charge for disposal.

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard may be deposited in bins located as follows:

Hepworth Ball Diamond
50 Queen St E

Louisa Street
Located in Municipal Parking Lot

Landfill Site
1249 Sauble Falls Parkway