In the deep dark ages of antiquity (1956 or there about) the ancient rituals of Candlemas were replaced by the celebrations of Williemas. A secret emissary of three wise groundhogs had broken hibernation to bring the glad tidings to the small community of Oliphant. There in a shack on the shores of Lake Huron they found Mac McKenzie anticipating a message of great import.

The three wise groundhogs named Grundoon, Muldoon, and Sand Dune told Mac of the birth of a white groundhog who would forever alter the world of weather prognostication. He would be recognized by his white coat and pink eyes and his unfailing ability to correctly predict the remaining course of each winter. He would emerge each February 2nd and pronounce his predictions only to those who spoke the ancient tongue of Groundhogese.

With a joyful heart and the help of reveling friends Mac went forth and spread the great news.