Welcome to the official site for municipal elections in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.

Election Method-Vote by Mail

The 2014 election will be a Vote by Mail election.

Electors will be sent a voting package which will include a ballot for the offices to be elected.  Voting packages will be mailed to the address which has been provided to the Town from MPAC. 

Electors will mark the ballot, place it in the secrecy envelope, complete the elector declaration and place the secrecy envelope and declaration in the return envelope provided.  Completed ballot packages should be mailed to Town Hall or dropped in a ballot box at Town Hall.

In a Vote by Mail election, there are no traditional polls.  Electors may drop off their completed ballot packages at Town Hall.  Please do not attend Town Hall on Voting Day expecting a traditional poll.  You must bring your completed ballot package to Town Hall if you do not want to mail it. 

There is no proxy voting in a Vote by Mail election.  Each eligible elector who is on the Voters List receives a Voting Package which is delievered by Canada Post to the address indicated on the Voters List.

A flyer giving answers to frequently asked questions regarding vote by mail is available by clicking here.

The Vote by Mail and Vote Tabulator Procedures can be viewed under the Forms section of this page.

Key Dates

September 2, 2014Processing of EL15'sElection staff will begin processing changes to the Voters List
September 12, 2014Nomination DayLast day for filing nominations.
September 22, 2014Mailing of Voting PackagesVoting packages will be mailed in the week of September 22, 2014
October 15, 2014Last Day that Ballot Packages Can be MailedWe cannot guarantee that packages mailed on or after October 15, 2014 will arrive in time to be counted in the election
October 27, 2014Election DayVoting ends at 8:00 pm

Offices to be Elected

One (1) Mayor
One (1) Deputy Mayor
Three (3) Councillors

One(1) English Public School Board Trustee
One(1) English Separate School Board Trustee
One (1) French Public School Board Trustee
One (1) French Separate School Board Trustee

All offices will be elected at large.

Can I Vote?

A person is entitled to be an elector if on Voting Day he or she is:

  • a Canadian citizen
  • at least 18 years old
  • a resident in the municipality, or
  • an owner or tenant of land in the municipality
  • the spouse of an owner or tenant in the municipality
  • not otherwise prohibited from voting

Once the Voter's List is returned to the Clerk, electors are encouraged to contact the Clerk's Office to make sure that they are on the Voter's List.

I am a Tennant in a Campground...Can I Vote?

You may vote if you are entitled to use the lands where you are a tennant on voting day or for a period of six weeks or more during the calendar year in which voting day of the election is held provided you meet other eligibility requirements of the Municipal Elections Act.  (Source:  MMAH, AMCTO, MPAC)

We Have a Family Cottage...Can the Entire Family Vote?

In order to qualify as a non-resident elector, you or your spouse must be the owner or tenant of the property.  If a family member who is not your spouse is the owner and you have use of the cottage, you would not qualify as a non-resident elector.  If the cottage is owned by a trust, you would not qualify as a non-resident elector. (Source MMAH)

Additions, Deletions or Corrections to the Voter's List

People entitled to be electors who require additions to, deletions from or changes to the Voter's List are required to complete the form (EL15) to make changes to the Voter's List.  Original signatures are required; we will not accept completed forms sent by email or fax.  Forms will not be processed until September 2, 2014.  The The form is available at Town Hall or on the Forms section of this webpage (called Addition, Deletion or Changes to the Voter's List Form).  If you need to add yourself to the Voters List after October 15, 2014, you must attend Town Hall in person to complete the EL15 form and receive your ballot package. 


Addition, Deletion or Change to the Voter's List Form  (EL15)

Voter's Guide

Municipal Elections Act

Vote by Mail and Vote Tabulator Procedures