Did You Know......

  • Tax bills should be kept for income tax purposes. 
  • Assessment appeals do not relieve the property owner from having to pay the taxes on the due dates as set out on the tax bill. 
  • The Interim tax bill is calculated by using 50% of the previous years' taxes
  • The Final tax bill is calculated by using the current value assessment multiplied by the current year's tax rate

Tax Due Dates

Interim Levy-third Friday of March and May
Final Levy-third Friday of July and September

The final levy for commercial and industrial properties may be later due to the Province of Ontario continuing with the implementation of municipal property tax reforms.

Payment Options 

Payment of taxes must be received in the Municipality's administrative office, on or before the due date. There are 6 convenient payment options available: 

PAP (Preauthorized Payment Plan)        

Plan 1: Monthly Budget Plan withdrawn on the 10th day of each month. 

Plan 2: Due Date Plan. A debit in the amount stated on the tax bill may be drawn on the bank account on the four instalment due dates. 


Internet or telephone banking

Using the nineteen digit roll number as the account number. (Your account information is located on the upper portion of your tax bill.)

Please ensure that you choose the payee of "South Bruce Peninsula (Town) - Taxes". Some financial institutions also require the municipality's code (4102) to precede the account number/roll number.

Allow 2 - 3 business days for processing 

In person at the municipal office

At the counter or drop box of the Municipal office at 315 George Street, Wiarton (the drop box is accessible after hours as well)-315 George Street, Wiarton 

Business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm) 

At the counter you may pay by cheque, debit or cash. Sorry, no credit cards accepted at this time.

Please do not deposit cash if using our drop box service. Cheques only please. 

By mail

Cheques dated for the due date or earlier are accepted

Cheques should be made payable to "Town of South Bruce Peninsula"

To ensure prompt and correct application of payment to your account:

- allow sufficient delivery time. The post mark is not regarded as date of payment.

- send tax bill stub with payment.

- do not fold,staple,stamp or write on payment stub.

- if you would like a receipt of payment, please include a stamped self-address envelope with payment. 

Post-dated cheques  

We will hold post-dated cheques until the payment due dates.

Please address envelope to our Tax Clerk or contact her for more information. 

Payment by a mortgage holder

For more information contact the Tax Clerk

 Tax Rates

    2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 

Residential Farm


0.01097594 0.01096359 0.01070658 0.01090635 0.01121521 0.01146838

Farm Lands


0.00274399 0.00274090 0.00267664 0.00272658 0.00280381  0.00286710

Managed Forest





0.00272658 0.002803805  0.00286710



0.02961156 0.02993269 0.03042622 0.03095300 0.03165299 0.03223817



0.02233816 0.02271196 0.02206376 0.02222376 0.02272925 0.02316928

Commercial Excess Vacant


0.01563671 0.01589837 0.01544463 0.01555663 0.01774912  0.01621850

Commercial Vacant


0.01563671 0.01589837 0.01544463 0.01555663 0.01774912  0.01621850

Industrial Excess Vacant Unit



 New Industrial


0.02711156 0.02743269  0.02722622 0.02755300 0.02825299  



0.01097594 0.01096359  0.01070658 0.01090635 0.01121521 0.01146838

Hydro Commercial


0.02233816 0.02271196  0.02206376 0.02222376 0.02535589  0.02316928



0.01924386 0.01902849  0.01858955 0.01872144 0.01906946  0.01935361

Parking Lot


0.02233816 0.02271196  0.02206376 0.02222376 0.02535589 0.02316928

Hydro Commercial


0.02233816 0.02271196  0.02206376 0.02222376 0.02535589 0.02316928

Hydro Industrial


0.02961156 0.02993269  0.03042622 0.03095300 0.03165299  0.03223817

Farmland Awaiting Development



New Construction Commercial


0.02233816 0.02271196  0.02206376 0.02222376 0.02535589  0.02316928


Tax Incentive Programs

To confirm your eligibility or to find out more information, please contact the agencies listed below.

Farm Tax Class
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food


Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program
Ministry of Natural Resources


Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program
Ministry of Natural Resources

Supplementary Tax Bills

MPAC is legislatively responsible for updating assessments when changes occur to properties and will send the property owner a Property Assessment Notice or Minutes of Settlement advising of the change. 

MPAC forwards the Assessment changes to the Municipality for processing the adjustment required which is calculated by a Supplementary Tax Bill and forwarded to the property owner. 

You may receive a Supplementary Tax Bill to adjust the taxes when there is:

> changes to property's assessment resulting from a Request For Reconsideration or Assessment Review Board Decision

> change to property value incease/decrease (i.e. addition, new construction or demolition of old structure)

> change in Tax Class (classification) of the property

If your new home or addition is not assessed during the year that it was occupied or completed, or substantially complete, the Assessment Act allows MPAC to assess any new house or addition (that has been omitted from the assessment roll) for the current and any part or all of the two previous years and you will be responsible for the taxes from the effective date. 

Property owner's may arrange a payment plan option with the Finance Department prior to receiving the Supplementary Tax Bill for their new residence for their personal budgeting purposes.

Assessment Information 

MPAC  (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) 


About My Property  Online Information and help: 

Call 1-866-296-MPAC (6722)

1-877-889-MPAC (6722) TTY

Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Website  MPAC 

Fax 1-866-297-6703 

Write      P.O.Box 9808   Toronto, ON  M1S 5T9 

Learn how and why your property was assessed.  Visit About My Property.

Is My Assessment Accurate? 

It is important that MPAC has accurate information on file for every property.  Property owners should review their Property Assessment Notice to make sure all information is accurate and up to date.

Property Assessment and Your Municipal Taxes

What is MPAC? 

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is a Provincial Crown Corporation responsible for assessing all property in Ontario. 

It operates under the authority of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation Act. 

Every municipality in Ontario is a member of the Corporation, which is governed by a Board of Directors. 

MPAC does not set assessment policy but it does administer these policies. Its main responsibility is to calculate assessed values, and to classify properties according to their use, for each of the over four million properties in Ontario. 

These values are provided to municipalities on annual assessment rolls. Municipalities and the Province use these values when they calculate property taxes and education taxes.

How does Assessment work?  

For the municipal tax year starting in 2016, all Ontario properties were reassessed by MPAC based on market value at January 1, 2016. Notice of the reassessed property values were mailed in about October 2016. It is these values that The Town of South Bruce Peninsula and other municipalities have in their Tax Roll (the list used for charging property taxes). 

The reassessed values will apply to the tax years 2017 through 2020. Increases in assessment values will be phased in over four years; decreases in assessment will be effective in 2017. 

Note: Property assessment values may increase or decrease for a variety of reasons including changes in economic conditions, structural alterations and re-zonings. Details concerning the assessment process and information on the assessed value of your home and neighbouring properties can be accessed at the MPAC website.

How Assessment Relates to Municipal Tax Systems 

Property assessment is a key component of municipal tax systems. However, the MPAC notice you received last year does not automatically increase or change your property taxes. 

What is the impact of the Reassessment?  

Except for the complicating impact of shifts between tax property classes and the impact of changes resulting from the budget, the potential impact on property tax depends on, and is relative to other residential property assessments as follows:

  • the average, reassessment does not affect the property tax you pay;
  • less than the average, reassessment will result in lower property tax;
  • more than the average, reassessment will result in higher property tax. 

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula does not get one more dollar from the MPAC property reassessment. Property reassessment is a redistribution of who pays the municipal tax bill based on the value of the property owned - it has no effect on the overall tax amount collected. 

Assessed Value    x    Tax Rate (for the Property Class)    =    Property Tax 

The Municipal Budget and Tax Levy

A municipality determines its budget requirements each year.  If the average value for the properties increases, the tax rate decreases to keep the same amount of property tax levy. 

Reassessments have no impact on the total property tax amount a municipality raises. 

Reassessments only affect the way the tax levy is allocated among the various properties and property tax classes - for example residential, commercial, industrial, farm, and managed forest.