Council, Committees and Local Boards

What is Council's role?

Council is responsible for the governance of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.  Council establishes policies and budgets for programs and services delivered by the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.


When does Council meet?

Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month.  These are called regular Council meetings.  The meetings begin at 1:00 pm. 

Council may from time to time schedule special meetings which are held to discuss only the topics which are posted on the agenda.


How to be a Delegation at a Council meeting

Delegations are scheduled in accordance with the Procedural By-Law.   Click here for more information.


What does a Committee of Council do?

A number of committees have been established to assist Council in carrying out its duties. These committees consider issues within their scope and make recommendations to Council or other committees, or exercise the authority delegated by Council.  Committees have an approved Terms of Reference and operate within the procedures established by Council.


Why have local boards?

Local boards are established in accordance with legislation and have specific mandates.  Examples are the Police Services Board and the Wiarton BIA.


council, committee and local board code of conduct, the Office of the integrity commissioner and making a complaint regarding conduct

Council has established a policy which governs the conduct of the members of Council, Committees of Council and Local Boards.  The policy excludes the Police Services Board who has a different complaint procedure in accordance with legislation.

The policy regarding the conduct of members of Council, Committees and Local Boards can be viewed by clicking here.

The by-law which establishes the office of the Integrity Commissioner can be viewed by clicking here.

The Town has appointed Robert J. Swayze as the Integrity Commissioner. 

Robert J. Swayze, Barrister and Solicitor
20736 Mississauga Road
Caledon ON L7K 1M7
Telephone 519-942-0070
Fax 519-942-1233
Email Mr. Swayze


Form-Complaint to the Integrity Commissioner-Code of Conduct

Form-Application to the Integrity Commissioner-Municipal Conflict of Interest Act


Municipal Conflict of Interest Registry

The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act provides that members of Council, Committees of Council and Local Boards must complete a written statement when they declare a pecuniary interest in accordance with the Act.  The written statement must be filed with the Clerk and the Clerk must keep a registry which is available to the public. 

Click here to view the registry and any written statements filed.