Bluewater Park Redevelopment

Bluewater Park is located in Wiarton, Ontario and consists of 10 Hectares of waterfront land adjacent Colpoy's Bay. The Park includes a seasonal and transient campground, picnic areas, an outdoor swimming pool, Wiarton's Historic Train Station/ Information Centre, beach, playground area, ball diamond, and trails. Bluewater Park is also used for the Rotary Fair, the Agricultural Society Fall Fair, and the Farmers Market. A short history of the park is presented here.

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula received Infrastructure Stimulus Funding in 2009. In October 2009 the Bluewater Park Steering committee was formed and the consultant Stempski Kelly and Associates were hired to conduct public consulation and project design.

The purpose of the project was to provide a safe green environment to promote and encourage physical activity, family outings, and accessible pathways improving community pride and local quality of life. The project was completed in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Boost community pride;
  • Provide for a stronger and more viable tourism industry;
  • To develop a vibrant, mixed use waterfront destination for residents and visitors alike;
  • To allow for new economic development opportunities and a diversity of new users;
  • To improve accessibility and multi-use;
  • To bring future sustainability to the downtown commercial sector;
  • To improve connectivity to the waterfront while enhancing downtown vitality;
  • To promote healthy activity by providing ample and continuous space for a variety of recreational activities;
  • To preserve existing heritage buildings on the waterfront; and
  • To provide satisfactory consideration of all design alternatives.

The intention of the redevelopment project was the creation and renovation of various facilities to enhance visits and tourism, including a new visitor facility, the creation of an outdoor plaza for relaxation, as well as other park and picnicking facilities.

Picture of Bluewater Park Playground Equipment