The Wiarton Willie statue started out as a single piece of dolomite limestone about 1 metre by 2+ metres weighing approximately 7 tonnes. The stone came from the edge of a rock outcrop at the Adair Quarry in Hope Bay, 20 kms north of Wiarton and was donated by the Arriscraft Corporation that operates the quarry. Arriscraft has provided stone for buildings such as Canada's Embassy in Washington, the locks of the Rideau Canal and the Peacekeeper Monument in Ottawa.

Picture of Willie's StatueDave Robinson, an artist from the area, apprenticed in marble carving in Carrera Italy and has several works on display in Toronto and Ottawa. Robinson donated his time and talent to sculpt the image of the weather-forcasting groudhog. Robinson began the work in the summer of 1995. He made a conscious decision to keep the statue life-like and natural looking with some minimal stylization. Robinson left the statue fairly roughly carved so the crystals in the stone will help retain the look close to that of the albino groudhog. The completed statue weighs approximately 4.5 tonnes.

The statue was unveiled "Willie Emerging" in the Bluewater Park on William Street in Wiarton on February 3rd, 1996 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Wiarton Willie prognostications. The main stone sits on a concrete base pedestal surrounded by large limestone boulders against the backdrop of scenic Colpoy's Bay and the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment.